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Software Process Enhancement Model for SMEs


Babak Bashari Rad, Ammar AL-Ashmori, and Zahra Ahanin


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 8-15


In the software industry, SMEs are important as they have vital contribution across the industry so it is compulsory for SMEs to assurance their software quality. In this context, many SMEs interested to enhance their software development process to achieve that. Regrettably, 82% of software companies face issues in adopting agile methods and practices, and most of SMEs fails to adopt CMMI successfully. Furthermore, SMEs have lack of experience on how plan the enhancement effort that makes the implementation of SPI fails. This paper propose a model to help SMEs to enhance their software process based on the suitable CMMI KPAs practices and agile practices and address the required efforts. Typical problems in enhancing SMEs software processes are addressed in some process patterns, which have been solved by the suitable agile practices, mapped to the equivalent CMMI KPAs practices.


Agile, SPI, CMMI, SMEs, Software Process Enhancement Model