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Intrusion Analysis in Inter Process Communication


Ramzan Talib, M Kashif Hanif, M Yahya Saeed and M Umer Sarwar


Vol. 17  No. 7  pp. 1-7


Various communication responses are part of any deployed software, and these are the indispensable means of inter process connections of operating system over client applications. This research paper focuses various software features of such communications, which can be potential source of intrusion and may be able to result in insecurity. There is no way of opening communication architecture of any software without reverse engineering. Additional code of communication monitoring can be attached with the software over client for capturing miscellaneous traffic patterns. Network traffic patterns are presented in this paper with certain conditions and reactions of software messages over network relating inter-communication. Scenarios in this study bear various situations in controlled environment and certain variations in it. The results show that the multi mode protection is the best criterion to assure the security for communication patterns generated by various communicating applications.


Intrusion Detection System, Communication Architecture, Traffic Patterns, Pluggable Authentication Modules, Firewall.