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Energy consumption management by clustering and localization of nodes in wireless sensor networks


Mohammad Reza Taghva, Aziz Hanifi, Kamran feizi, Mohammad Taghi Taghavi-Fard


Vol. 17  No. 6  pp. 273-277


Sensor networks are wireless networks which include small and low- cost sensors that collect and disseminate environmental information. In order to contribute to the significance of the data nodes and routing algorithms, locating is an important issue in the performance of sensor networks. Most of the proposed algorithms use the guiding nodes for positioning. The guiding nodes equipped with global positioning devices (GPS) have the specified position they can play different roles in positioning others sensors in a variety of ways. Since the guiding nodes are equipped with global positioning, they are inefficient in terms of energy consumption.Also data gathering in wireless sensor networks is one of the important operations in such networks. These operations require energy consumption. Due to the restricted energy of nodes, the energy productivity should be considered as a key objective in design of sensor networks. Therefore the clustering is a suitable method that used in energy consumption management. The method presented in this paper consists of two phases. In the first phase, the nodes gain their geographic location without the need of guiding nodes and with spending slight energy. In the second phase, cluster head selection for increasing the network lifetime has been proposed based on fuzzy theory. The proposed ideas have been implemented over the LEACH-C protocol. Evaluation results show that the proposed methods have a better performance in energy consumption and lifetime of the network in comparison with similar methods.


Clustering, Localization, Positioning, Energy, Sensor Networks.