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A new method of routing in SDN network to increase the delivery rate of sent packets


Khashayar Adrianfar, Nasim Heydari


Vol. 17  No. 6  pp. 266-272


The evolution of mobile devices and accessories and server virtualization leading to a review of common architecture of networks. The architecture of many traditional networks is hierarchical which is formed with the use of Ethernet switch nodes in a tree structure. This architecture will be more tangible when the client-server communications are discussed, but such a static architecture is not sufficient for dynamic communications and the needs of companies in the field of data centers and media servers. It is almost impossible to face with the current needs of the market by using common network architectures. Companies of information technology use the manual processing and management tools in the level of machine to deal with issues like recession or budget cuts. Companies which providing telecommunication services are faced with the same challenges because the demand for accessing to broadband of dynamic networks, dramatically is increasing Also, the profit of these companies will compromise with increasing the costs of central equipment and reducing the income. In our representing method, we are trying to improve and enhance the reliability which is an important factor for SDN networks. In this study, the reliability of SDN networks will increase and the rate of accurate data transmission will significantly improve. The research method of this study is the scientific research. The review and study of target research will be discussed in the first part. In the second part, we examine the basic concepts of the subject and represent an available problem. In the third part, we introduce the proposed approach and offering a theoretical- laboratory case in connection with that. Then in the fourth part of the study, we practically examine and evaluate the proposed method with the represented laboratory example. At this stage, methods of data analysis are simulations and cooperation with previous methods. Also, we presented some graphs with the outputs of simulations which show the enhancement of the reliability of the proposed method and we conclude in the final part.


SDN, delivery rate