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Mathematical Model In Smaill Quadrate For The Specific Consummation Of The Electric Motor


Samedin Krrabaj and Naim Baftiu


Vol. 17  No. 6  pp. 254-258


The Latin squares are known since the time of Oler, which he used in themathematical analysis, while Fisher was the first who used them in the theory and in the practice of the modern experimental plans. The Latin squares are marked with the sign (n x n), the table is formed in square shapeconsisting of elements (n = 3) in such a way that in all of its kind and in the colon which is appeared in all elements only once i.e. without repetition because the influencing factors of the transporter ribbon and excavator are fixed. The mathematical analysis of the small square models will be done by solving the engineering problems in the industrial area of Kosovo. InKosovo,different Energy Industry electromotors areusedfor the transport of overburden. The purpose of this paper is to build an Engineering mathematical modelwith asmall square that analyzes the specific ""consumption"" of the electro motors transporter ribbons which are used in Kosovo's Industrial Energy sector.


Latin squares, electric motors, specific consumption, transporter ribbons.