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Improvement of reliability in semantic web network using fuzzy technique


Forouzan Soudaei


Vol. 17  No. 6  pp. 248-253


To discover suitable semantic web services is a key technology to web service program for the given requirement to user. Recently, semantic web services have been converted into growing application through internet. At the same time, security and reliability become crucially important and significant. However, there is no effective technique to control access to semantic web services, which can provide reliable web services for the users. A strategy has been proposed in this essay to improve reliability in semantic web network using fuzzy technique and three criteria of users’ profile including numbers of visits of a web page by user period of visit of a web page by user and level of experience and skill of user in the field of pages s/he visits where implementation of above technique has been done in MATLAB simulator.


Reliability, Fuzzy technique, Semantic web, reliability, network