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Secure and Reliable Unstructured Data Sharing in Multi-Cloud Storage using the Hybrid Crypto System


Dr.K.Subramanian, F.Leo John


Vol. 17  No. 6  pp. 196-206


Multi-Cloud Storage is one of the essential service in cloud computing which is used to store and access data remotely. This Multi-Cloud storage models enable users to store sliced encrypted information in varied cloud drives. Thus, it provides support for varied cloud storage services using the only interface instead of using single cloud storage services. Despite the fact that cloud computing streamlines the process of sharing resources among groups and users, there are some security concerns about using the cloud. Sharing data among multiple users while still maintaining data integrity and privacy is still a big challenge as a result of the constant change of the data ownership. The proposed model offers the optimal solution for malicious insider's attack, protection from malicious files when uploaded by malicious user, and decentralized distribution of data storage using an index based cryptographic data slicing and sharing of the key through untrusted or semi-trusted secure channels with high efficiency and flexibility. In this research, a new security model is used with an algorithm to ensure the security of data sharing in the Multi-Cloud. This technique also uses the hybrid cryptosystem to enhance the secure data sharing, secret key confidentiality and also solves the key escrow problem. The algorithm presented in this method reduce the threats caused by malicious insiders and malicious users when sharing data in multi-cloud storage. Various datasets block or file size has been chosen randomly to evaluate the efficiency and its probability with various file formats using the proposed technique. The results of the experiment indicate that the proposed model is the best choice for data owners who are looking for the most secure and efficient way to share their data over multi-cloud storage.


Multi-Cloud Storage, Malicious Insider, Cryptography, Data Sharing, Index Based Data Slicing, Malicious Files, Counter Attack