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Enhancing Cloud Security Using VKC as a Service


Syed Saqib Raza Rizvi, Muhammad Asad Ullah, Sagheer Abbas, Shahid Naseem


Vol. 17  No. 6  pp. 185-190


Cloud computing has brought a revolution in IT services infrastructure. Above 20% of worldwide internet based services are already shifted onto cloud computing. With the enormous advantages cloud computing has also barriers to achieve adoptability worldwide. Data security and privacy is the biggest concern of cloud users because of cloud unique environment like ubiquitous computing, remote resources, no control etc. Cryptography is the best known and one of the oldest technique used by man to secure information. AES (Advance Encryption Standard) is considered most secure symmetric key algorithm and adopted worldwide as a new security standard after DES (Data Encryption Standard), but there are some limitations of this algorithm as well. This paper proposes a model which is VKC (Variable Key Block Cipher) extended form of AES, as a service. This proposed model overcome limitations of AES to prevent attacks done in past on AES.


Cryptography, AES, VKC, Privacy, Threats.