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Hiding Encrypted Data into Audio File


Hazem Kathem Qattous


Vol. 17  No. 6  pp. 162-170


Communication is one of the most important issues that affect different aspects of our lives. To communicate, it is important to ensure that the channel of such communication is secure. Secure channels are very limited because of their high cost. Encrypting data before transferring it could provide some security. Steganography is also introduced as an alternative way to secure communication by hiding the required data to be transferred into a media file and transferring the cover file itself. This ensures that data will be transmitted under a cover of an innocent media file. This paper introduces an idea of combining both cryptography and steganography to increase the level of security that is required to transfer data. To achieve this, two encryption algorithms, Pohlig-Hellman and One-Time-Pad, are used to encrypt data before hiding it. To hide encrypted data, Least Significant Bit (LSB) technique is used whereby audio wave file (.wav) is used as a cover file to hide data into it. This paper described the development of a software that uses above algorithms and technique to encrypt and hide data into audio wave files. The developed software allows the user to hide data into two different forms, file format and text format. In file format, the software allows the user to hide a file of any type into an audio wave file while, to hide the text format, it allows the user to write a text message before asking the software to encrypt and hide it. To be able to hide a larger data size, a compression algorithm, LZ77, is used to compress the text before encrypting and hiding it.


Cryptography . Steganography . Pohlig-Hellman . One-Time-Pad . Least Significant Bit . Text Compression