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Communication Between Sonica Media and DSS Systems


MohammadMehdi Estedlal


Vol. 17  No. 5  pp. 352-356


Nowadays, Commercial collections are using of online social communication in various activities with the aim of better utilization and absorption of consumer. Because of the opportunities that social networks create in today's world, they are increasingly gaining popularity. Until a few years ago, Facebook has been the most known social network in the world with several hundred million users, of course, the bulk of them are in adolescence and young adulthood. The success of communication networks in the population and opportunities that are created by them, leading to creating several applications have been based on these media, that can open up new horizons in communication, politics, commerce, etc. The extraction patterns of behavior, interests, and using of these media can be an important factor in decision-making in using of extracted information from them and providing the appropriate software. Also, due to the increasing use of these networks, typically, their users in their own decisions pay more attention to the comments of people in these networks and even reach conclusions based on the results of these comments. Therefore, it can be easily applied to the issue of decision support systems and the exploited of them in decision-making.


Social networks, decision support systems, consumer, decision making, and user.