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Adaptive artificial brain for humanoid robot using Pattern Recognition and Machine learning.


Master Prince and Suliman Alsuhibany


Vol. 17  No. 5  pp. 346-351


Human face is a very special and it has been used to express emotions by the human being in order to express their feelings to others. But when talking about Human Robot Interaction (HRI), it becomes difficult to identify the exact emotion. So far, there are seven recognized emotions: Natural, Happy, Sad, Anger, Surprise, Fear, and Disgust. However, apart from these emotions, human being can express combination of these emotions. Therefore, recognition of the expression and what emotional expression should be given to the person as a response becomes more difficult. In this paper, voice features of the human has also been considered apart from emotions recognized through facial expression, in order to recognize the actual emotion with accurate intensity, and also to increase the effectiveness of the HRI. On the other side, the corresponding real time artificial facial expression is generated and LED pattern around the eyes of the robot has been used to make it more effective. Moreover, the transition between two consecutive emotions has been made smoother for producing humanlike emotion. To evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed method a questionnaire survey is conducted. Thus results show that artificial robotic head based on proposed method appropriately responds to users.


LED pattern, voice feature, emotional intensity, emotional expressions, artificial facial expression.