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Using of computer simulation and computer analysis as a new way to resolve problems


Golnaz Shahideslami, Golnaz Parvaneh Hosseini, Mahdiye Abbasi, Hamidreza Ghaffary


Vol. 17  No. 5  pp. 320-327


Recently, computer simulations and its applications have been estimated in the field of research of cognitive sciences, sociology, economics and other humanities. In this article author pay attention into revising the significance of attainment experiences and transaction by artificial negotiators in expansion of some economic and welfare standard in an artificial society model simulated by computer .Using Netlogo software, notions, rubrics and structures of planned model has been simulated. Then by changing the parameters and policy in plentiful experiments, properties of those rules and factors in considered criteria was considered. The conclusion and results of experiments displayed that when agents act with trial and error to utilize the environmental possessions (opportunities), the agents’ death proportion were augment wealth distribution inequity arises among agents and the average wealth of agent’s decreases. Also the results had shown that just the experiences attainment does not initiate notable improvement in deaths ratio and fortune distribution norm. On the other hand, that attainment with experiences exchange among agents makes remarkable deaths downturn, wealth expansion and wealth distribution equity. Thus the exchange of experiences in a human society can involve welfare expansion, evenhandedness and fairness.


simulation- wealth-artificial- agents- society