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How Agile managers affect the process of software development?


Mona Najafi Sarpiri, Taghi Javdani Gandomani


Vol. 17  No. 5  pp. 283-286


Agile methodologies are widely used in Agile teams and companies. Adopting Agile methods, however, require a dramatic change in organization and team management. Indeed, managers in Agile teams play different roles and have different responsibilities. This can affect the whole software development process. This paper particularly aimed to investigate roles and responsibilities of Agile managers in Agile teams and organizations. Reviewing the literature showed that Agile managers are responsible to promote agility, eliminating the obstacles threaten the teams, Agile team formation, budget control, ensuring return of investment, etc. However, being an Agile manager is not easy, mainly because adapting to the new roles and responsibilities is not easy. Indeed, most often, managers cannot accept the managerial roles with low authority, as expected in Agile methodologies.


Agile software development, Agile methodologies, Agile management, Agile managers.