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A Proposed e-Payment Service for Visually Disabled


Gamal H. Eladi


Vol. 17  No. 5  pp. 253-258


In the last decade, there has been international interest in providing special e-services for our social partnership that are visually disabled. In particular, they face hard and numerous problems in their daily activities such as paying for products or service's fee or bills electronic-payment. In this paper, a proposed e-service is introduced to visually impair in order to facilitate the process of e-payment. This e-service is used to allow them to pay their bills without external help from humans with easy and simple steps. The proposed e-service depends on two technical features for reading and listening to their bills electronically such as (Optical Character Recognition) OCR and (Text-to-Speech) TTS thus, after converting the snapshot image into (digital numbers) or money value from. Furthermore, it is directly connected to their bank accounts by using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that is available on their smartphones. Therefore, the payment is done with high privacy and short-range communication. Therefore, TTS technique will be used to allow visually impaired to listen. Moreover, a ""PAY"" voice command is used to give the payment process in order to confirm and approve the current payment transaction. A large sector of blind disabilities will get more benefits after applying this integrated e-service. It allows them to secure pay their purchases at any time, as well as quickly as possible and will be a convenience payment method.


Visually Disable, Bills, E-Service, NFC, OCR, TTS