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Multicast Zone Routing Protocol in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks


Syed Nakhshab Hussain, Hasan Raza, Usama Tayyab, Azeem Razzaq


Vol. 17  No. 5  pp. 245-252


Continuously changing topology in Mobile Ad-hoc networks creates many problems regarding to the routing. Proactive and Reactive Techniques are not much efficient to resolve the routing issues as both have drawbacks. Zone Routing Protocol is a hybrid protocol which combines the most beneficial functions of both proactive and reactive schemes. As within the defined zone it uses proactive scheme and outside the zone it uses the reactive scheme. In this paper, we present Multicast ZRP which uses the multicasting scheme along with three sub-protocols regarding to the reactive and proactive approaches usage. We also discussed routing in Ad-hoc networks, comparison of proactive and reactive advantages, Architecture and Routing of ZRP with IARP, IERP and BRP with detailed examples. We extend Zone Routing protocol by using the application of Multicasting which constructs the multicast tree routing and their Route Request & Route Reply procedures with detailed examples.


Ad-hoc Networks, Multicasting, Zone routing, Multicast Routing Tree