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A Software Approach for Border Detection using Pigmented Skin Lesions


Qaisar Abbas


Vol. 17  No. 5  pp. 231-237


Artifacts removal and border detection (ARBD) are important and critical steps for automatic diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions (PSLs) using digital dermoscopy. In this article, a software approach is developed based on preprocessing step to remove artifacts without affecting the lesion-texture part, prior detection of edge candidate points, and finally detect lesion optimize border using adaptive dynamic programming (ADP) approach. The statistical measure based on dermatologist’s manually marked annotation are utilized to evaluate the performance of proposed ARBD system. The ARBD system is tested on a total of 250 dermoscopic images. The obtained results demonstrate that the ARBD technique can enhance the segmentation accuracy of skin lesions.


Skin Cancer, Dermoscopy, Artifacts removal, Image enhancement, Border detection, Dynamic programming.