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MaxHopCount: DTN congestion control algorithm under MaxProp routing


Youssef HARRATI and Abdelmounaim ABDALI


Vol. 17  No. 5  pp. 206-214


Internet and communication networks have almost covered every area on the globe. Today the big challenge for classic internet, is maintaining connectivity in hard conditions like intermittent connectivity or power outages, and in difficult topographies such as under-water or Interplanetary Networks. In these challenging environments, a new networking model has been proposed it is called Delay Tolerant networks which follows the Store-Carry-and-Forward mechanism. Hence, a node may keep a message in its buffer for long time. And when a delivery or forward opportunity arises, it transmits it to other node(s). One of the big issues that confront this mechanism is the congestion of the buffer due to the big number of messages and the limited memory size. Here, in order to deal with this buffer overload, researchers have proposed buffer management algorithms, also called: Drop Policies. In the current work, we propose a new Drop policy which we have compared to other existing policies in different conditions and environments, and we’ve noticed that it gives better result in term of delivered messages, network overhead and also latency average.


Buffer management Delay Tolerant Networks Drop policy Mobility models Network Simulator (ONE) Scheduling.