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Design and Implementation of an Intra Public Sector Collaboration Framework using Technology


Sohail Ahmad Phatak, Asim Nisar


Vol. 17  No. 5  pp. 101-114


In this paper, a new intra sector collaboration framework is presented by extending the Bryson’s framework to resolve the complex and complicated issues of intra public sector collaboration. A web-based software called Complaint Management Information System (CMIS) was designed to support the implementation of the new intra sector collaboration framework. The technology factor of the developed framework was significant regarding collaboration as it bridged the gap and established a strong link with other factors for intra sector collaboration. The proposed framework has been successfully implemented in Public Grievance Redressal Sector (PGRS) of Pakistan, which has helped in resolving the 300,000 public complaints. The disposal of grievances, within sixty days has increased from 8% to 95 % at federal level and 66% at provincial level during the years 2013-16. Transfer time of complaints has decreased from 5-15 days to 24 hours between autonomous Ombudsman Institutions, which has provided easy access to public for speedy justice. The proposed framework is found very effective and useful in selected public sector organizations of Pakistan.


Intra Public Sector Collaboration Framework, Intra sector Technological Collaboration, Public Sector Organizations, Complaint Management Information System (CMIS), web based software, Technology Sharing