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A Framework using NLP to automatically convert User-Stories into Use Cases in Software Projects


Ahmad Azzazi


Vol. 17  No. 5  pp. 71-76


To develop quality software within time and cost we have to follow the available rules and methods of modern software engineering. There are many different approaches used. At one hand we have in the analysis stage of a software engineering project the so called user stories that capture what the user does or needs to do within the developed Software System. User stories provide the functions that the system should have. User Stories are considered as a tool for rapid requirements gaining in the Analysis Phase of a Software Engineering Project. They are considered as a very effective way to communicate requirements but still inexpensive and easy to develop. But when we are going from the analysis phase to the design phase we face the lack of details in the requirements with user stories, therefore we better use the called Use Case instead of user stories. The use cases are a list of steps to achieve functionality or a goal within a software system. This interaction is normally done between a user and the software system. Therefore we want to combine both techniques in the approach of developing and validating requirements without extra efforts to rewrite the user stories into use cases. In this work I will provide a framework to automatically convert the user stories into use cases with the use of Natural language processing techniques. A case study is developed for this framework with results showing the percentage of correctly detected actors and use cases.


User Stories, Use Cases, Conversion from user stories to use case, NLP