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Contourlet Transform Domain based Intelligent Biometric Watermarking System


M. Arfan Jaffar


Vol. 17  No. 5  pp. 65-70


Intelligent watermarking techniques are one form of technology used to ensure the security of information. Intelligent watermarking means embed information in image, video and audio to protect this information from hacking. This paper answers the question “How can watermarks of one biometric feature can be inserted into an image while maintaining the image’s quality and ensuring the watermark’s imperceptibility and robustness?”. In this paper, answer has been provided by introducing a new method that can embed one image into another by using contourlet transform. This technique is additive watermarking technique. Two biometric images of the same individual are used include fingerprint and iris image. Information has been hidden by using the watermark of same person inside the host images by watermarking techniques. For more security, the verification process satisfied by compare the host image and the authenticate by extract and compare the watermarks for the same individuals. Quantitative measure has been used to check the performance of proposed method.


Segmentation, breast mammograms, classification, texture