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Route Constancy and Energy Aware Routing Protocol for MANET


Shariq Mahmood Khan, Muhammad Mubashir Khan, Najeed Ahmed Khan


Vol. 17  No. 5  pp. 56-64


In Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETs) consists of nodes which are powered by batteries with temporary power supplies. Because of faults in nodes links are prone to disconnection due to frequent battery drain or the mobility of the node beyond the coverage area of the signal. Because of these reasons a routing protocol that optimises the battery usage and route stability is very important. Based on this motivation we present here an Route Constancy and Energy Aware Routing Protocol (RCEARP) to improve the network sustainability, packet delivery and to minimise the network routing overhead. Routes with more residual energy and stable links are selected by RCEARP. The comparative analysis of RCEARP with AODV and Link Stability and Energy Aware routing protocol (LSEA) revealed that the proposed protocol RCEARP improves the network lifetime by 10% to 13% and achieves 6% ? 11% more packet delivery ratio compared to AODV and LSEA. RCEARP has also accomplished better performance in term of routing overhead, which is reduced by 38% and 22% as compared to AODV and LSEA respectively.


MANET, Reliable Routing, Residual Energy, Network Lifetime, Route Stability, Energy Aware