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Use Hand Gesture to Write in Air Recognize with Computer Vision


Najeed Ahmed Khan, Shariq Mahmood Khan, Sana Jamaluddin Kanji, Urooj Iltifat


Vol. 17  No. 5  pp. 51-55


Human computer interaction has got great demand these days especially if it’s serving for the society, consider the best use of technology. Computer vision is also playing a vital role for especial people to interact with the common people of the society. This paper envisages a system that uses Leap Motion device and computer vision techniques to recognize written words in air gestured by human hand. The framework is not only helpful for children to practice writing with fun but it is also useful for the dumb and handy people to communicate with other people. The leap motion device captures hand gestures, track the movements and send the frames to the system. After pre-processing input data, geometric strokes feature are extracted to recognize the written words in air. The recognized text is then display on the computer screen. The test results are out perform for English and Numeric characters with an average accuracy more than 90%.


Air Writing, Leap Motion Controller, Hand gesture, strokes