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An Object-Oriented Software Metric Tool to Evaluate The Quality of Open Source Software


Dr Abdullah Al Hussein


Vol. 17  No. 4  pp. 345-351


Software efficiency and software superiority control have encouraged the investigation of software metrics technology. Open source software development has increased the importance and directed to the research on the software metrics and the development of automated tools to support the evaluation metrics. For the successful support to the software evaluation, a software metrics tool is supposed to support the metrics model. The aim of this research work is to provide an automated software metrics support for managers and users to measure the design or source code of the open source software program and thus evaluate the quality of the software as per the specified hierarchical metrics model. The overall goal of this research work is to the automatic quality evaluation of source code for a free and open source software by study the software metrics and develop a tool. This research work will be based on software metrics that, combined and configured by experts, will provide an automatic investigation of features such as flexibility, precision, modularity, and software maintenance.


Open source software, software metrics, software evaluation, software engineering and quality assurance