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Dynamic Resource Allocation in Cloud Computing Using a Combination of Meta-heuristic Algorithms


Shadi Samieifar, Farhad Mardukhi


Vol. 17  No. 4  pp. 332-344


Cloud computing can be considered one of the largest IT solutions to industry problems. In fact, this concept can be used for features such as processing power or storage service provider cloud only through the Internet connection costs low without worrying about hardware upgrades or software updates used software. But because of a cloud may not be responsive to user needs, recently introduced a new concept called association clouds. The concept is to meet the needs of users, a few clouds at a time and uses integrated management. On the other hand due to the increasing use of cloud computing technology providers are faced with new challenges that one of the most important scheduling and allocation of resources. The problem is that the NP-hard, there is no capacity to respond to it in a reasonable time using linear methods. So in this study, a metaheuristic method based on a combination of genetic algorithms and colonial competition used. Since these two algorithms have shown a good performance in this area, in this study, the two algorithms are combined in series with the synchronous target to reduce implementation time and costs were considered. Finally, simulations show that the proposed method has better answers to these two algorithms has produced.


Cloud computing, resource allocation, scheduling, community clouds, genetic algorithm, Imperialist Competitive Algorithm