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Energy efficient e-Healthcare system


M. Ajmal Sawand, Najeed Ahmed Khan, Abdul Rehman Soomrani†and Sheraz Ali


Vol. 17  No. 4  pp. 321-325


With the development of internet of things, pervasive health monitoring has received lot of attention of the researchers and academia to make it more efficient and reliable. In this paper, we introduce efficient health-care monitoring system which leverages pervasive nature of the data transmission at the patient side as well as at clinical side. Furthermore, we define the efficient health-care monitoring system architecture and describe how to realize energy efficient medical data transmission among the participants (i.e., patients, doctors and health-care centers) to ensure the safety of different patients. We present health-care applications with supporting techniques and associated challenges with respect to energy efficient performance of the system and privacy of the stakeholders.


Healthcare, Energy efficient