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Towards a standard Restful WADL implementation of Multi-view web services


Anass Misbah and Ahmed Ettalbi


Vol. 17  No. 4  pp. 315-320


Communication between heterogeneous systems is becoming more widespread throughout the multiple networks and platforms. One of the main technologies that are used nowadays to deal with applications portability and interoperability is Web services. In fact, this concept allows reaching a high level of standardization and normalization regarding both data structure and transfer protocols. Web services do not include natively the end user constraints and needs. Therefore, multiple works have been carried out and proposed a variety of models and concepts to integrate the end user specifications since an early phase of the conception of Web services. One of them is the Multi-view Web services. A previous implementation of Multi-view Web services has been proposed using the standard definition of WSDL. In this work we will carry on improving this implementation by proposing another standard definition which is WADL. This alternative consists of a new implementation of Multi-view Web services using a Restful architecture in order to take advantage of all benefits that such a style of architecture can offer. One of the most important advantages of Restful architecture is the native support of HTTP methods, simplicity, improving performance, less data consuming and easiness of implementation.


Multi-view Web services Standard WSDL WADL Automatic Generation Restful SOAP.