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Efficient Multicasting Algorithm Using SDN


Alaa M. Allakany and Koji Okamura


Vol. 17  No. 4  pp. 292-297


Many group communication applications require multipoint communication, in order to reduce network traffic rates. Multicast technology has been used as an efficient and scalable technology for data distribution. However, in IP network, the responsibility for management of multicast groups is distributed among network routers and routing rules calculated based on local view resulting from sharing neighbor’s routers its information. Distributed calculation and local view of IP network causes some limitations, such as delays resulting from processing group events, and failed for calculating optimum solutions that required a global view of the network. Software Defined Networking (SDN) represented by OpenFlow presented as a solution for many problems, in SDN the control plane and data plane are separated by shifting the control and management to a remote centralized controller with a global view of the network, and the routers are used as a forwarder only. Recently, several researchers have been proposed multicast routing algorithms for solving the problem of shortest path tree (SPT) and Minimum Steiner tree (MST) in SDN. SPT can calculate multicast tree faster than MST. However, MST can generate solutions optimum than SPT. In this paper we take the advantage of OpenFlow to propose and implement multicasting OpenFlow controller, this centralized controller is a core part of our multicasting approach. For constructing the multicast tree, we proposed a new algorithm that combines both of Dijkstra shortest path algorithm and Tabu search (TS) algorithm. In the proposed algorithm, Dijkstra algorithm and TS work respectively for fast start-up multicast session and optimum solution. Proposed algorithm take the advantages of both algorithms such as fast convergence time of Dijkstra algorithm and optimum solution of TS and avoid the shortages of both algorithms. We validate our approach using the popular Mininet network emulation environment with Pox controller. The results prove that our approach can improve start-up time for initialization multicast session. Also, can minimize constructed the multicast tree.


Software Defined Networks, OpenFlow, Pox controller, Mininet, Multicast tree, Dijkstra Algorithm, Tabu Search (TS).