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Rapid Mobile Development: Build Rich, Sensor-Based Applications using a MDA approach


Mohamed LACHGAR and Abdelmouna?m ABDALI


Vol. 17  No. 4  pp. 274-283


Mobile phones are increasingly playing a crucial role in our daily lives. Nowadays, most smartphones are equipped with various embedded sensors such as motion, environmental, and position sensors. Therefore, many functionalities in mobile applications need to use these sensors. In this work, we are motivated to provide a meta-model to show the different embedded sensors then generate mobile applications that use various features offered by these sensors. In order to achieve this, we are based on model driven architecture (MDA) proposed by Object Management Group (OMG). The MDA approach can help us to ensure the sustainability of expertise, the gain in productivity while dealing with the challenges of mobile platform fragmentation.


Model Driven Architecture Sensors Domain Specific Language Mobile development