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Autism Detection using Computer Vision


Najeed Ahmed Khan, M. Ajmal Sawand, Maryam Qadeer, Anum Owais, Sarah Junaid, Phunparah Shahnawaz


Vol. 17  No. 4  pp. 256-262


Autism is a mental developmental disorder that manifests itself in young children in the form of difficulty behaving socially, in using language, communication and understanding of abstract, emotional concepts. Computer vision is an emerging filed contributing from high level security surveillance to people health micro level disease identification. This paper proposes a framework based on computer vision technique to identify early stage autism in the autistic children. The rapid reactions of autistic and non- autistic (normal) children are analysed from the recorded videos of the children while participating activities assigned to them. Body response time, eye movement response time and humero-radial angles are computed to figure out their body symmetries. Results demonstrated that the proposed framework is an efficient and user friendly tool to diagnosis autism in autistic children.


Autism Spatio-temporal sensitivity Body symmetry Humero-radial angles Autistic Echolalia.