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An Evolution to Next Generation Heterogeneous Cellular Networks


Mahmood Adnan, Shadi M. S. Hilles, Wael M. S. Yafooz


Vol. 17  No. 4  pp. 251-255


The convergence of internet and wireless mobile communication accompanied by a massive growth in the number of cellular sub-scribers has led mobility management to emerge as a significant and challenging domain for wireless mobile communication over the internet. Over the recent past, wireless communication market has witnessed a considerable amount of intensification, both in terms of mobile technology and subscribers, which has led net-work operators and vendors to fully apprehend the importance of efficacious networks along with equally intelligent design process-es. Wireless communication has undoubtedly become ubiquitous it has almost revolutionized every single aspect of our daily lives. The unprecedented increase in number of cellular phones, mobile handheld devices, personal digital assistants, and mobile subscrib-ers has demanded an upgradation of cellular communication tech-nologies in several generations to cater demand for the modern data services, multimedia services, and voice communications. Therefore, to commend state-of-the-art technologies and in order to extensively contribute to their enhancement in near future, it is always interesting to have a quick glance at history of such tech-nologies so as to sketch certain smaller steps that have led to their present development. This manuscript outlines and traces key de-velopments and trends in this ever-growing domain of wireless communications.


4G Technology, Next Generation Cellular Networks, Heterogene-ous Networking.