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A user friendly security framework for the protection of confidential information


Jawad Hussain Awan, Shahzad Memon, Shariq Mahmood Khan, Muhammad Usman,Rahat Ali Khan, Shazia Abbasi , Abdul Qudoos Noonari and Zahoor Hussain


Vol. 17  No. 4  pp. 215-223


The term ‘Cyber’ is common in security discussions either international or national because increasing number of internet users had increased the growth of cyber-criminal activities. Critical systems of government, military, corporations, financial institutions, hospitals and other businesses are practicing security procedures, tools to tackle the growing level and complexity of cyber-attacks and protect sensitive information stored on databases, network and servers. Hence, a security technical framework is recommended which is helpful for national databases to design, monitor and manage its cyber policy to make sure that ID servers cannot be accessed or damaged by cyber terrorism activity. Proposed security framework detects vulnerabilities Such as: XSS (Cross-site scripting) attack, session riding, Full Path and information disclosure problems, misconfiguration error, injection attack, manipulation attack of protocol, file inclusion attack, automatically detect new URLs of the target website and observes the traffic between server and your browser, and also take control of the request and its response. This framework implemented advanced discovery and fuzzing technologies to detect above vulnerabilities. Moreover, this framework is developed to enhance the security of important national ID databases as well as identify possibilities and levels of cyber-attacks by scanning process while URL is open and its execution takes place that time. Therefore, this research has been carried out to recommend and develop a technical framework that defends national Identification databases as well as detect cyber terrorist attacks and their levelwhile monitoring its services and protect ID servers from unauthorized access or damage which may cause by cyber terrorism.


Cyber services, Cyber Security, IDs, Framework, Vulnerability, Cyber-threat. Cyber-attack, Protection.