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Multi-Objective examination Timetabling Problem: Modeling and resolution using a based ε-constraint method


DKHISSI Btissam and ABOUNACER Rachida


Vol. 17  No. 4  pp. 192-198


In this work we aim to deal with the Multi-objective Examination Timetabling MOETP, in which we firstly propose a mathematical formulation containing three objectives: the minimization of the number of conflicts where students have to pass two exams in adjacent periods, the second objective represents the minimization of the necessary number of timeslots to pass all exams, the third objective is: the minimization of the number of students’ enrollments when exams do not satisfy temporal relation-ships immediately before/after. Secondly we propose to adapt a based ε-constraint method to solve the multi-objective examination timetabling problem. Our proposed approach was experimentally tested on a set of randomly generated data.


Multi-objective optimization, Examination timetabling problem, ε-constraint method.