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Showing improve voltage profile and reduce losses using DG compared to flow without the use of DG in distribution network and locate the appropriate DG network in order to improve the voltage profile and reduce losses utilizes the algorithm GA


Mohammad Darvishi Namniha


Vol. 17  No. 4  pp. 172-181


DG plant has a production capacity of a few kW to 10 MW for electricity generation in areas closer to costumers, they can be used for a variety of solar cells, fuel cells, micro turbines and wind farms and etc. If these power plants are connected to the network, the network has different effects including loss reduction, improved voltage profile and increase the reliability [1],[2].A total of distributed generation power plants, installed capacity and they are so determined that the maximum loss reduction and taking into account the constraints of problem arise In this paper the genetic algorithm, was used in the optimization problem After extracting the flowchart of this method in the optimal placement of distributed generation power plants, computer programs were developed and implemented this program on the network and has been implemented IEEE bus 33 ,How many times results obtained from implementing the program, its advantages and disadvantages compared with each other and stated that the results improved voltage profile and reduce losses and reduce congestion in the network lines shows.


Dispatch - DG-losses - Improved voltage profiles ? Power flow ? Genetic algorithm