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A New Irregular Fault-Tolerant Routing Algorithm in Network-on-Chip


Davood Abednezhad, Seyed Enayatallah Alavi


Vol. 17  No. 4  pp. 166-171


Many Network-on-Chip (NoC) routing algorithms have been introduced to increase performance of the system and decrease latency. Furthermore, some algorithms work under faulty conditions and some of them can tolerate in presence of oversized nodes. In this paper, we propose a deadlock-free routing algorithm, Fault Tolerant enhanced odd-even XY (FT-OED-XY), in which tolerate under faulty conditions and also can pass oversized nodes simultaneously in an irregular mesh interconnection network. In the absence of faulty nodes/links and oversized nodes, FT-OED-XY uses regular XY routing algorithm and if a packet encounters a faulty link or node, the algorithm acts as enhanced odd-even mechanism try to pass the faulty region by dividing columns into two classes odd and even. Simulations have been done to illustrate the performance of proposed routing algorithm. Moreover, we compared FT-OED-XY with fault tolerant FT-DyXYZ and Odd-Even algorithms, in terms of average packet latency and throughput. Results show higher rates of throughput and lower average message latency in FT-OED-XY algorithm.


3D NoC, System-on-Chip, irregular, Fault tolerant routing, Congestion, Enhanced odd-even