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A New method of the decision-makers’ needs treatment


Outfarouin Ahmad, Abdali Abdelmouna?m and Zahid Noureddine


Vol. 17  No. 4  pp. 152-159


The decision-makers' needs (DN) analysis process involves a series of phases that guide the success of the discovery of the decision-makers’ requirements. A comparative study of different analysis processes of DN, identified a set of problems. Among the problems encountered we cite: misunderstanding and incompleteness of needs, the multitude of user profiles and their goals expressed in different ways. These difficulties can negatively influence the DN process of analysis, and therefore, the collected needs are often vague and not measurable. To remedy these problems, and in order to adequately assist future users in expressing their needs and guide design-analysts in the treatment of the collected needs, we propose in this paper a new method for DN processing. This method is based on a new structure of the DN decomposition, and on new rules of treatment of these needs. In the remainder of this paper, we present in the first part a state of the art of the modeling approaches of the DN, their representation models and their processes of the DN treatment, then in the second part we present our new method of the DN processing, and then we complete this work with the conclusions and a future work part.


Decisional information systems, decision-maker needs, decision-maker requirements engineering, treatment process, business intelligence.