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A Comparison of VoIP Performance Evaluation on different environments Over VPN Multipoint Network


Adel Alharbi, Ayoub Bahnasse, and Mohamed Talea


Vol. 17  No. 4  pp. 123-128


VPN Multipoint network is a kind of modern networking that allows the creation of dynamic private IP tunnels between multiple sites automatically? quickly and with less configuration. Like other networks, it is possible to implement various applications on it, such as VoIP application. VoIP is a technique for transmitting voice data over the Internet, many work have been conducted to evaluate the performance of VoIP on different networks by using various environments such as simulation modeling, emulation and laboratory experiment. In order for previous environments to help us in the exact assessment, it is very important that their results match as closely as possible with the reality results. In this paper, we compared between their results for the performance evaluation VoIP on VPN Multipoint network. In the presence of Security. The comparison was performed in terms of average delay, average jitter, average packet loss ratio and average MOS score.


VPN multipoint, VoIP, Delay, Jitter, Packet loss, MOS, Simulation, Emulation, Security