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Scenarios for the Transition to NGN


Negin Maleki, Hamed Shahbazi Fard* and Mahdi Movassagh


Vol. 17  No. 4  pp. 115-122


In recent years, telecom operators have taken big steps towards Next Generation Network (NGN). Although the concept of NGN and the need to pass it, is known, but discussion on different strategies for migration still continues. The migration to NGN should be done with the best design, the lowest cost, the fastest time and the least error for operators who intend to migrate. Due to the complex nature of this topic, the main goal of this paper is to identify the common steps that telecom service providers consider to migrate to NGN, and previously published papers are intended as a basis for research. This paper covers the analysis of the capabilities of NGN, preparation steps, and migration scenarios to NGN.


Component, Migration Strategy, Migration Scenario, PSTN, IP, IMS, NGN.