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Persona of Social Networking in Computing and Informatics Era


Arun Kumar Singh


Vol. 17  No. 4  pp. 95-101


Computing and Informatics Technologies (CIT) providing the full platform for Social Networking on internet to make connections with friends, family, customers and clients. Social networking can occur for social purposes, business purposes or both through sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social networking is also a significant target area for marketers seeking to engage users. Computing and Informatics Technologies (CIT) are providing electronic devices to convey, manipulate and store information. This can include email, SMS text messaging, video chat like Skype, and online social media like Facebook. It also includes all the different computing devices (e.g., laptop computers and smart phones) that carry out a wide range of communication and information functions. CIT are pervasive in developed countries and considered integral in the efforts to build social, political and economic participation in developing countries. The exponential growth of Internet access and CIT greatly influenced social, political, and economic processes in the worldwide. Information Technology (IT) Toolbox members can search out colleagues and new contacts in their profession and invite them to become a connected member. These connections then show up as links on the member's profile page. IT Toolbox allows members to form groups to discuss the latest topics in their fields or users can add tips and ask questions on special ""knowledgebase"" pages dedicated to topics like networking or Java. The site also hosts an Information Technology (IT) Wiki open to submissions and edits from members. Job postings are an important part of any informatics social network. CIT is one of the fastest-growing job sectors. Employers looking for top talent will not only post jobs on informatics social networks, but browse for qualified members to poach from other companies. This paper identifies potential pitfalls, challenges and technological measures with respect to the adoption of CIT.


Computing and Informatics Technologies (CIT), Social Networking, Information Technology (IT), Social Media.