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Output Feedback Synchronization of A Novel Chaotic System And Its Application in Secure Communication


Arian Azarang, Javad Ranjbar, Hamid Mohseni, Mohammad Ahi Andy


Vol. 17  No. 4  pp. 72-77


Chaotic signals have different properties in engineering applications which are the main of interests and many researchers concentrate on them. One of the important applications of chaotic signals is chaotic communications. In this paper, a novel chaotic system is used to communicate audio signals through wired channel. In order to use chaotic signals to communicate, the master and slave systems should be synchronized before any data transmission. In this correspondence, a novel output feedback controller is designed to synchronize the master and slave systems using only one state. After synchronization, analog audio signals are masked with one of the state of chaotic system to improve its privacy. Simulation results are provided to see the effectiveness of the chaotic masking in increasing data security. In order to make our proposed scheme practical, whole system is implemented using analog circuits and claims are demonstrated in practice.


Chaotic signals Output feedback controller Chaos masking Analog implementation.