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Designing Recreational Center Using Urban Open Spaces in Qom


Atiyeh abdolghaffari, morteza seddigh


Vol. 17  No. 4  pp. 44-50


With increasing population of city-dwellers, changes in the work and life pattern and more distance from the natural origins as the platform of providing human mental-intellectual calmness in modern life, the need for recreation and leisure among the city-dwellers has increased and turned to be one of their most important needs. Leisure includes a set of activities that the individual conducts them willingly for rest, recreation, entertainment and establishing social interactions at the time outside the familial and job obligations. Recreational activities that take place outside the home, have mostly a participatory and collective aspect and need special space and facilities. On the other hand, the urban public spaces play a major role in providing a platform for forming such activities. With the predominance of green space element, the urban open spaces as a part of the public spaces of the city attract population and pave the way to social interactions and spending leisure time in terms of recreation, entertainment and nature-oriented amusements. Nowadays, with the existence of a new social and cultural conditions, the role of urban open spaces for spending leisure is very evident in the people's life. In this project we have tried to consider the recreational space as an urban green space that can respond the social, cultural and recreational needs and the citizens spend some hours away from the daily concerns in this collection.


leisure, recreation, urban public sphere, urban open space, urban green space, social interactions