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Designing the engineers’ building of Qom province using eco-technological approach


Zahra Maleki Kahaki, Morteza Seddigh


Vol. 17  No. 4  pp. 37-43


As we know, sustainable human survival and human environment is dependent on maintaining balance and continuity of the world that requires accepting the role and moral responsibility of human stewardship of ecological resources and conscious and intelligent performance in regulating his relationship with the natural environment. Sustainable architecture in response to the conscious performance and growing concerns about the consequences of human activities on the environment has been proposed as a revised approach to architecture. Improvement of the quality of architecture in sustainable design is done in order to achieve comfort. The aim eco-technology is use of natural and environmental factors, as well as modern technology to enhance the quality of life for the future generation. In addition to measures to reduce heat transfer through the building shell and the measures recommended in the chapter 19 of the national building regulations, the proposed and applicable technologies in buildings in line with the plan to reduce energy needs of the building like taking maximum advantage of solar energy , using active and inactive systems , taking maximum advantage of Renewable energies , energy recycling, energy storage, use of mechanical and electrical energy-efficient equipments, and the use of intelligent systems to adapt the energy production more to the real and transient needs .Qom province, with an average of 311 sunny hours per year , possesses suitable grounds for applying the branches that Some of these technologies applicable in building to reduce energy needs of the building are discussed in this article.


sustainable development, sustainable architecture, eco-technology, solar water heaters, photovoltaic system, solar cells