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Proactive Authentication Mechanism to Secure Distance Vector Routing Protocol (RIPV2) by minimizing By-Pass Attacks


Rizwan Hassan, Saleem ullah, Gulfam Ahmed Umar


Vol. 17  No. 3  pp. 244-251


Routing infrastructure is attacked to compromise the consistency of information transferred over the network, therefore, it is essential to secure network from insertion of illegal routing updates. In this research a proactive mechanism is proposed to secure routing protocols. This security mechanism works in a way that First secure authentication method for installing only trusted router is adopted so that installation of malicious routers into routing infrastructure is avoided. Secondly, use of secure cryptographic techniques for ensuring safest data transmission even on insecure transmission medium like internet. Cryptographic mechanism based on the use of hash function along with public key encryption method. Use of secure authentication method before acceptance of any incoming routing information or routing update promises better security. This research is focused on implementation of security mechanism including key exchange method, public key encryption along with router and message authentication for larger networks.


Routing, RIP, SHA 512, Authentication, and Cryptography.