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Advancements in Reversible Data Hiding Techniques: A Review


Namita Tiwari, Abha Singh Sardar


Vol. 17  No. 3  pp. 195-205


With the rapid advancement of communication through Internet, the information exchanged could be tampered intentionally or accidentally through unprivileged access. In the recent years, Reversible Data Hiding (RDH) has become an active research domain in the field of data hiding. In reversible data hiding, at the sender side, the bits which is to be concealed is embedded in the cover file (image) and at the receiver side, the hidden bits of data and the original cover media is extracted without any distortion. RDH is also referred as invertible or lossless data hiding. Nowadays with the increased popularity of outsourcing data to the cloud, it has become important to safe guard the privacy of data and enable the cloud server to easily manage the data at the same time. Reversible data hiding techniques solves the issue of the concealment of data. In this paper various techniques of reversible data hiding and their future scope is discussed.


Reversible Data Hiding, Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images, lossless data hiding, invertible data hiding.