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Digital Watermarking Applications, Parameter Measures and Techniques


Namita Tiwari, Sharmila


Vol. 17  No. 3  pp. 184-194


Nowadays Digital watermarking is important for the protection against illegal redistribution of digital data as of high popularity and accessibility over the internet. Digital watermarking is used to protect digital data in the form of images, audio, and video. Digital image watermarking is the technique in which watermark is inserted in the form of images that contains some hidden information and then it detects and extracts that hidden information. Some important requirements for the watermarking scheme are robustness, copyright protection, fidelity and many more so that they can handle several types of image processing attacks. This paper includes classification of digital watermarking techniques, application, parameter measures and attacks on digital watermarking. It also includes performance evaluation of techniques on the bases of performance parameters like PSNR values and MSE values.


Digital Watermarking, Spatial Domain, Frequency domain, LSB, DCT, DWT, DFT, DHT.