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Designing miniaturized tri-band fractal plane monopole antenna


Mahsa Naslseraji


Vol. 17  No. 3  pp. 162-177


In this study, for the first time, a new structure is presented for the tri-band antenna using a fractal Koch structure in LTE (Low Term Evolution) 850 / 1800/2100 band. This antenna is implemented on the Rogers RO3006 fiber with a thickness of 0.8 mm and the dielectric constant of 6.15 and Co-planar waveguide (CPW) is used to feed the antenna. In this study, the fractal structure of Koch is utilized to shorten the length of the monopole of LTE 850 band. Because the length of the monopoles of the two bands LTE1800/2100 are relatively close, by optimizing the dimensions of monopoles and bringing the frequency of resonances together, the two bands mentioned, become as one and there will be more bandwidth for the superior band. Finally, 27% bandwidth for the upper band and 12.5% width in LTE 850 band is achieved and it can be said that the existing antenna covers all standard 4G (Fourth generation) bands including LTE850 / 1800/2100 and PCS1900 that are available standards in various countries. Antenna’s radiation pattern is omnidirectional, radiation efficiency of the three bands LTE 850/1800/2100 are respectively 80% / 91% / 76% which is unprecedented comparing to previous works. Furthermore, the dimensions of the designed antenna, is 0.8*25*55.8 mm3, which is suitable for modern mobile phones.


Koch fractal, fractal plane monopole antenna, multi-band antenna, frequency band LTE, coplanar power