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Increasing the scalability and reliability of AODV routing protocol in mobile vehicular ad hoc networks using multi-verse meta-heuristic Algorithm


Vahid Abdolhosseini


Vol. 17  No. 3  pp. 133-139


TVehicular network is a type of ad hoc wireless network that plays a significant role in reducing traffic and preventing accidents. Hence, the increased scalability in routing is regarded as one of the basic challenges in vehicular networks. AODV protocol is one of the standard protocols in vehicular networks. This protocol has the minimal control and processing overhead. In addition, this protocol reacts to the topology changes and route failure. However, AODV routing protocol suffers from the route request messages overhead and lack of attention to the black-hole attacks. The overhead of route request messages along with the rapid changes in topology greatly reduce the scalability of the network. Clustering is a technique commonly used to increase network scalability in vehicular networks. We try in this research to provide a mechanism for clustering of the vehicular network. We also intend to increase the stability of links, considering the parameters of vehicles' distance, speed and acceleration in the cluster head fitness function. We also tend to prevent from selecting black-hole vehicles as the gates by using the vehicles' demolition value in gate selection. This causes the black-hole vehicles not to be able to delete or broadcast the transmitted data messages.


vehicular network, clustering, increasing scalability, Vanet, Aodv, Mvo