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Evaluation of tunnel layer impact on VOIP performances (IP – MPLS – MPLS VPN – MPLS VPN IPsec)


Faycal Bensalah, Najib El Kamoun, Ayoub BAHNASSE


Vol. 17  No. 3  pp. 87-92


MPLS VPN technology has emerged recently through its various advantages, especially in terms of optimization of performance, quality of service and security. However as each technology, MPLS is influenced by scalability. In this paper we will first study the following technologies: MPLS, MPLS VPN, MPLS VPN protected by IPsec. Then we will perform an experimental study of scalability under GNS3 by increasing the load and varying technologies, in order to deduce the impact of the tunnel layer on the performance of real-time applications. For performance measurements we used VOIP traffic generated by IP SLA probes. The evaluation criteria are: (i) jitter, (ii) latency, (iii) MOS score, (iv) loss rate.


IP, VPN, MPLS VPN, IPsec MPLS, VOIP, GNS3, IP SLA, Scalability.