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The Affect of Genetic Algorithms on Blowfish Symmetric Algorithm


Yousef Bani Awwad, Mohammad Shkoukani


Vol. 17  No. 3  pp. 65-72


Blowfish (BF) Algorithm is one of the most public and common security symmetric algorithms, it is a Feistel cipher with a sixteen rounds and it uses a large key. A genetic algorithm (GA) is a search algorithm for solving optimization problems due to its robustness. In this paper, an encryption and decryption algorithm has been designed for blowfish algorithm using Genetic Algorithm to make the overall cryptography process much highly secure. The proposed algorithm based on combination of genetic algorithm and blowfish algorithm to increase degree of security and protection of blowfish algorithm. The proposed algorithm applied one point crossover and Flip Bit mutation operator for simplification. The authors have modified the original algorithm in three stages on plain text, Function h and key. Experimental results have been conducted via a simulator that has been designed and developed using C# programming language. The results show the efficiency improvement of the proposed algorithm by increasing security over the original plain text according to the avalanche effect. The results show that when one bit in the key has been changed the average avalanche effect in the original blowfish was 38.63, whereas in the proposed algorithm was 45.21. Also when one bit has been changed in the plain text the average avalanche effect in the original blowfish was 37.17, whereas in the proposed algorithm was 46.44. So the results indicate that the average avalanche effects are better in the proposed algorithm than the original one. However, according to the average execution time, the original Blowfish is 6.6 milliseconds and the execution time of the proposed algorithm is 55.1 milliseconds.


Cryptography, Blowfish, Genetic Algorithms, Encryption, Decryption.