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An Empirical Evaluation of Gesture Recognition System for Education Purposes


Mohammad Hijjawi, Omar AlSheikSalem, Hazem Qattous


Vol. 17  No. 3  pp. 26-37


Most education lectures at universities are presented these days using a presentation tool to help lecturer remember the points that should be presented and the audience, to follow the presentation. The traditional methods of controlling such presentations, mouse and keyboard, restrict the movement of the lecturer, as s/he needs to stay close to the keyboard and mouse to run and control the presentation. However, such traditional techniques lack the naturalness of communication and cumbersomeness. This paper presents a solution for these problems using an intuitive gesture recognition system for education purposes called TeachMe for controlling presentation and mouse pointer movement. The system depends on Microsoft Kinect® device in capturing the gestures. An empirical study was conducted to evaluate the system by comparing between the gesture technique implemented into TeachMe, and traditional technique for controlling MS PowerPoint presentation and mouse pointer movement with respect to flexibility, performance and user satisfaction. Controlling presentation results show that there is a significant difference regarding the flexibility to the favor of gesture technique. However, such difference does not exist in case of performance. Some differences exist in the user satisfaction results. Controlling mouse pointer results show that difference exist in performance and user satisfaction the favor of mouse technique over the gesture one.


Microsoft Kinect® . MS PowerPoint . Gesture recognition system . Presentation