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Cement Water Treatment Process Hybrid Bond Graph Modeling and Robust Diagnosis


Eya Fathallah, Nadia Zanzouri


Vol. 17  No. 3  pp. 13-25


This paper proposes firstly an Hybrid Bond Graph modelling of the cement water treatment process. Then, it treats the issue of the mode identification for the hybrid dynamic systems in the presence of the uncertainties of measurements both in healthy and faulty cases. It presents a graphical approach dedicated to the hybrid bond graph domain. An hybrid observer is constructed based on BG-LFT model suitable simultaneously to identify the current mode and to detect and locate the sensor fault. In fact, this complex process contains different components presenting a diversity of physical phenomena which leads to the interaction between several domains such as hydraulic, chemical, electrical, mechanical, etc. Usually, the industrial systems are considered as systems with hybrid dynamic which increases the degrees of difficulty of the modeling process. To overcome these constraints, an efficient tool of modeling is needed so the choice of using an hybrid bond graph to model this process. An experimental characterization of the system is performed in order to assess the validated bond graph model of the studied process. Finally, the simulation results obtained from this elaborated model reveal a significant conformity compared to the experimental results and demonstrate the efficiency of the hybrid bond graph approach.


Hybrid bond graph modeling, Cement water treatment, Experimental characterization, mode identification, measurements uncertainties.